Beyond Words - socially responsible trainings

The idea to set up „Beyond” came to our minds after we visited „Invisable Exchibition”, where we felt like a blind person. This unique experience changed our lives. We were very impressed with the precision of communication presented by our guide. Effective communication for a blind person is crucial and it can at some point save this person’s life. Many people who can see represent poor communications skills. They often compensate low communication skills with the body language.

We say that effective communication is a key for every organizational effectiveness. In many cases misunderstandings, that are a result of poor communication, can have an impact on mistakes or delays in delivering projects or perform a team activities. We believe that good cooperation (internal and external) is based on good communication. 

We decided to use the skills of our partners from Vis Maior Foundation (foundation that activates blind people) and we developed  a unique training for companies and organizations: Beyond Words – Communication Emotionally Intelligent.

We also propose other types of trainings that support social integration of the blind people. Our trainings form leadership and customer care area are partially conducted by blind trainers. 

All our trainings are developed and conducted with cooperation of blind trainers, part of some of our training (Warsaw- Beyond Words – Communication Emotionally Intelligent) is conducted on Invisible Exhibition, we share part of our profit from every training with Vis Maior which trains guide dogs for blind people.